Girls Attitude Status
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Love me ?? Great. Hate me ?? Even Better.

Don’t know me ?? Don’t judge me !!


I don’t Have a bad handwriting,

I have my own FONT


Coins Always Make Sound But The Currency Notes

Are Always Silent! ? that’s why i’m always Calm & Silent



Girls Attitude Status




Silence is my best reply

for a fool like you.


I am bad to the bone.

Proud to be a problem.


Patience is not a virtue.

Its just a waste of Time!



Royal Attitude Status In English



I don’t️Need To Copy Any Celebrity
I Have My Own Personality


Please don’t get confused between

my personality and my attitude


Call me a bitch and

I’ll show you one.



Best Attitude Status In English



If i liked your status on facebook that

means you have entertained me


I talk, I smile, I laugh too…..
but be careful when I’m silent….


Being Classy isn’t a’s a lifestyle.



Attitude Status English 




I’m a good person but don’t give

me a reason to show my evil side


Dear girls, keep your heels and

standards always high…!!


I love to change if i find

someone copying me



Punjabi Attitude Status




Every problemcomeswith solution,

but my GF don’t have.


I don’t need to explain myself,

                                                                      I know I’m right

Attitude Status In English




I Love My Heaters Because
They Encourage Me For Do Something New


Tell me what to do

and I’ll tell you off.


I don?t have a bad handwriting,

I have my own FONT!!




Love Attitude Status





Adopting the right attitude can convert
a negative stress into a positive one.


Don’t be happy. I don’t Really forgive people,
I just pretend like it’s ok and wait
for my turn to destroy them..


I hate those people who have two faces.
they shows one face to me and second to other people



Attitude Status In English




It Is Your Planning Which Give

You Confidence To Go Ahead.


Screw me over and I’ll do

it to you twice as bad.


I’M Poor. I Can’T Pay

Attention In Class Room.


WIFE & INSULT Are Somewhat Similar,

They Always Look Good, IF IT IS NOT YOURS!.


Attitude Status In English




Each Day, I come in with a positive attitude,

trying to get better.



In the beginning you’ll judge me,

by the end, you’ll love me.


My Attitude Based On

How You Treat Me.


“If some one hate you without reason

then Give the reason to him.!”



Attitude Status In English




I Don’T Need To Explain Myself

Because I Know I’M Right.


Life Will Give You Exactly What You Need,

Not What You Want.


Hurt Me With Truth But

Never Comfort Me With Lie.


Never hate something or someone

just because someone else does…


Attitude Status In English


If you want to cry, use a tissue.

not your status.!! 


The Man With BeArD

will neverLook Weird


I text you because I want to have a conversation with you.

Not to get one word answers.


If u think I am BAD than you’re wrong,

I’m the worst..


Attitude Status In English



Life Is Too Short. Don’T Waste

It Removing Pen Drive Safely.

Attitude Status In English


People say nothing’s impossible,

but I do nothing everyday.




Attitude Status In English




Call me crazy but really

you have no idea.


It funny how some people think u hate them,

when u literally do not think of them at all.



Not always ‘Available’

Try your Luck.


I am “Awesome”
Don’t Question it…
Just deal with it….


Attitude Status In English




Someone Asked me what is UR attitude……

then i simply replied… ”



I am a good enough person to FORGIVE you.
But not stupid enough to TRUST you again!


Life is elsewhere.

Cross frontiers Fly away..


If you think you are too small to make a difference,

try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito.


I don’t hate Peoples, I just love

Peoples who loves me.


It Does Not Do To Dwell On Dreams And Forget
To Live Remember That..




Attitude Status In English




Don’t cry over money.
Money never cries for you..


I’m not heartless, I just learned

how to use my heart LESS.



Always remember,

You are bigger than your problems…….


If u think I am BAD than you’re wrong,

I’m the worst.


I don’t have an attitude!!

I have a personality you can’t handle!!!


Nothing in the world is more common

than unsuccessful people with talent.




Attitude Status In English





Your attitude is like a price

tag, it shows how valuable you are.


If people have a problem with you, always remember,

it is THEIR problem.


How other see you, is not important.

How you see yourself means everything.


Tom N Jerry taught me that

life is boring….without ENEMY’S


Attitude Status In English






If loving you is wrong,

Then i don’t want to be right.


Adopting the right attitude can convert

a negative stress into a positive one.

Attitude Status In English



Sometimes, Crying Is The Only Way Your Eyes Speak
When You Mouth Can’t Explain How Broken Your Heart Is..


My circle issmall because
i’m into quality not quantity




Weakness of Attitude becomes
Weakness of Character..


If you don’t like my attitude

then stop talking to me



Your attitude, not your aptitude,

will determine your altitude



A bad attitude is like a flat tire,

you cant go anywhere until you change it.




‘B+’ is not my blood group, neither my grade in maths.

Its my favourite Quote: “BE POSITIVE”.



eXcuse me I found something under my shoes.

Oh it’s your attitude.


I don’t insult people ,

I just describe them.



Attitude Status In English




Every people is a intelligent,

When he work Hard!




Nothing great was ever achieved

without enthusiasm.


Failure is the opportunity to

begin again more intelligently.


I am not perfect,

I am limited edition


Attitude is like underwear –

don’t show it just wore it.


2 mints silent for those..

Who seen but didn’t like my posts.


Some people should try thinking,

it?s not illegal yet



It very easy to defeat someone ,

but it very hard to win someone.



Your attitude can make all the difference in

how your day will begin and end.


There is no market for your emotions,

So never advertise your feelings,

just display your attitude.


The greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that

you don?t have to remember what you said.


I don’t have time to hate people bcz..

I’m busy loving people who love me.


You were born to fit in.

I was born to stand out.


The quickest way to double your money is

to FOLD it in half and put it back in your pocket.


Wonders why people keep doing the same old things,

but yet expect a different outcome!!

Attitude Status In English

People say I have a dirty mind,

But I say its just creative!



Smile in front of people who hate you…

Ur happiness kills them…

WIFE & INSULT Are Somewhat Similar,

They Always Look Good,IF IT IS NOT YOURS!


Sorry Vegetarians

We Can’T Pretend.



The goal is not to be rich ,
the Goal is to be legend



The biggest slap to your

enemies is your success.



Stay humble but stay hungry.You have dreams to chase,

goals to accomplish and business to handle.





Do not waste your life trying to impressother people.

Do what you Love,Love what you do.


Spoil me with loyalty.

I can finance myself.


When i was born, i was so surprised,

I didn’t talk for a year and half.



Apni to bass ek hi wish hai. Ser pe Taaj.

Sath me koi Khass Aur is kamini duniya pe Raajjj!!



Of Course, I Talk To Myself, Sometimes

I Need Expert Advice.




Your secrets are safe with me…

I wasn’t even listening.


When someone says: you are UGLY TELL them oh sorry

I was trying to look like you


Good news is I’m smiling.

Bad news is it’s the kind of smile

that people should fear.




I talk to myself because

i like dealing with a

better class of people.



I know I am Awesome,

so I don?t careabout your opinion.!!




Yes ✔️i have an Attitude,

With Conditions Apply



Attitude Status In English


Weakness of attitude

become weakness you!


If you dislike me, remember:it’s mind over matter.

I don’t mind and you don’t matter!


Fake People Have Image To Main.

Real People Just Don’T Care.


I may not be the girl that everyone wants,

but at least I am not the girl that everyone?s had.


Royal Attitude Status In English



You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood

up for something, sometime in your life.


Her courage was her crown and

she wore it like a queen.


I expect to succeed at whatever

I put my mind to.


Laugh at your problems,

everybody else does.


I expect to succeed at whatever

I put my mind to.


I’M Sorry My Fault. I Forgot

You’Re An Idiot.




Royal Attitude Status In English




If attitude kills…. I am the weapon of mass destruction…..

Your Attitude May Hurt Me But, Mine Can Kill You….


I Was Born Cool,

Global Warming Made Me Hot.



I was reminded that my

blood type is Be Positive.


Taking revenge is wrong..

very very wrong..

But very very fun.


The only disability in

life is a bad attitude.




Royal Attitude Status In English






I never insult people

I only tell them what they are.

Perfection is not a skill,

It is an attitude.


Attitudes are more

important than facts.



Style is a way to say who

you are without speaking.



Royal Attitude Status In English





I’m gonna MAKE the rest of

my life the BEST of my LIFE.


If people have a problem with you,

always remember, it is THEIR problem.


Your Attitude May Hurt Me But,

Mine Can Kill You….


Don’T Take My Kindness As

A Sign Of Weakness.




Royal Attitude Status In English




Three keys to more abundant living:

caring about others, daring for others,

sharing with others.


I Am Who I Am. Your

Approval Is Not Needed.


I Don’t Have Attitude Problem

I Just Have Personality..



Royal Attitude Status In English




People will love you. People will hate you.

Others will secretlywish to be you.


Best way to deal with haters,

Keep calm, and stay classy.



I AM WHAT I AM.your approval isn’t

needed and it wasn’t never asked! Sorry


It Does Not Do To Dwell On Dreams And Forget
To Live Remember That..


Royal Attitude Status In English



I’M Sorry If I Change

But You Changed Too.


Babies are so lucky. They can sleep

all day still everyone loves them.


I enjoy when people show ATTITUDE to me because

it shows that they need an ATTITUDE to impress ME.





Attitude Status For Boys




I don’t need your attitude

I have one of my own


Me and my wife live happily

for 25 years and then we met…



Treat me like a joke and

I’ll leave you Like it’s funny.


Attitude Status For Girls




Phones Are Better Than Girlfriends,

At Least We Can Switch Off.


You left me without a reason, so please

don’t come back with an excuse.



Stop Checking My Status !

Go Get A Life!



Royal Attitude Status In English





I don’t even expect people to like me anymore.
I’m in my own world.




The best thing about being me,

I’m a limited edition and there are no other copies!





best attitude status



I don’t need to #show_off
Because they know what I’m and what i have.


The problem is not the problem;

the problem is your attitude about the problem.



Excuse me!! I found something under

my shoes ohhh its your Attitude.



attitude status in punjabi



Treat me like a Queen and I’ll treat you Like a King But

If you treat me like a game I’ll show you how it’s played..



If i liked your status on facebook

that means you have entertained me.



I don’t wait for magical moments
I create my own scenario…!

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